“Non-metallic Companies of the Urals” made good money on cash

The prosecutor’s office of the Chelyabinsk region, citing Rosfinmonitoring, announced the discovery in the South Urals of a “shadow site” for “cashing out” funds using the bankruptcy procedure. According to the supervision, in particular, the non-metallic companies of the Urals (NKU) organization, whose transactions worth tens of millions are now being studied in detail, took an active part in it. The latter was recognized as financially insolvent, and the register for it included large claims from individuals who received rights from LLCs. Firms, however, went into liquidation, and the debts hung in the “NKU”. To date, prosecutors have already managed to freeze part of the funds on the account of the Chelyabinsk bailiffs, and now the supervision is challenging the operations. Meanwhile, when talking about the conflict, experts note the growth in demand for gray schemes for the movement of capital, referring, in particular, to conflicts in the Sverdlovsk region. In the Middle Urals, oversight has already succeeded in recognizing a number of transactions by firms from Yekaterinburg as null and void and collecting millions in federal budget revenue. However, according to experts, this is probably only the beginning of a “rollback to the 90s”, which is almost inevitable against the backdrop of structural changes in the economy.

The Arbitration Court will consider the claims of the prosecutor’s office of the Chelyabinsk region to invalidate the transfer of 27 million rubles from Resource LLC to Non-metallic Companies of the Urals LLC (“NKU”) as payment for debt in enforcement proceedings. Now the funds are on the deposit account of the Interdistrict Specialized Department of Bailiffs of Chelyabinsk.

The interregional department of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service for the Urals District, the Federal Tax Service for the Chelyabinsk Region, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, as well as the division of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia for the region have already been involved in the proceedings.

Earlier, the arbitration decided to recover from the “Resource” in favor of “NKU” more than 28 million rubles. The case dealt with the supply of non-metallic companies in favor of a certain Asia-Trade LLC, the debts from which were transferred to Resource. However, the prosecutor’s office subsequently intervened in the dispute, demanding a review of the case due to newly discovered circumstances.

“Filing an application for review <…>, the prosecutor’s office <…> cites as significant circumstances for the case the scheme identified by Rosfinmonitoring for organizing a “shadow platform” for “cashing out” funds using the bankruptcy procedure, in which Nonmetallic Companies LLC took an active part Ural,” follows from the documents.

In addition, Rosfinmonitoring reported that various credit institutions have established multiple signs of dubiousness of NCU’s operations.

Fiscals also supported this position, stating that “an analysis of the tax reporting of Non-metallic Companies of the Urals indicates that the financial and economic activities of the participants in the transactions have signs of pre-planned fictitious transactions.”

As a result, the decision of the first instance was canceled, and millions fell under interim measures in the form of a ban on the bailiffs department from doing any actions with the money until the court decision on the dispute entered into force. LLC “Resource” tried to achieve the abolition of interim measures, but was refused.

It is worth noting that Nonmetallic Companies of the Urals LLC is now in bankruptcy, and individuals have filed claims for tens of millions against it. Thus, the arbitration recognized claims against the company for 51.7 million from Vasilyuk Maria Viktorovna from Kopeysk, who referred to the receipt of claims under the assignment agreement from Nika LLC (Chelyabinsk; ceased operations (Liquidation of a legal entity)).

Also, the register included claims from Sergey Viktorovich Vasilyuk for 62.9 million, which, based on the documents, he received from Kaskad LLC (Chelyabinsk; ceased operations (Liquidation of a legal entity). Another 79.8 million “NKU” was presented by Kukushkina Elena Anatolyevna, referring to the obligations that arose initially to Splav LLC.

To clarify, recently the prosecutor’s office managed to intervene in this case, and Rosfinmonitoring was also involved in the dispute. In addition, the supervision is now actively involved in the court between Nonmetallic Companies of the Urals LLC and Aspect LLC (Chelyabinsk) for 35.8 million. According to Kontur.Fokus, Vladislav Okladov was a participant in the NCU. It is noteworthy that, according to the system, IE Okladov Vladislav Valeryevich actively cooperated with officials, performing, for example, works on the improvement of Victory Park in the city of Chebarkul.

Earlier, the publication also reported in detail on disputes between the prosecutor’s office of the Sverdlovsk region and businessmen, in which the supervision demanded that the companies’ operations be declared null and void and the collection of millions in federal budget revenue. Prosecutors immediately targeted several companies from Yekaterinburg, which entered into deals for the supply of luxury designer furniture, foreign equipment, as well as construction and installation work.

Speaking about such conflicts, lawyers, meanwhile, indicated that they were waiting for a “rollback to the nineties-zero” in terms of dubious capital flow patterns, noting that structural changes in the economy, a decrease in the quality of resources and business confidence in the state would contribute to this.